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3m pneumatic random orbital sander – xtract ros, 88950, 6 in, non-vacuum, 3/16 in orbit, lightweight and comfortable, 12000 rpm, 209w motor, 3 speed settings with thumb control
3m 6549-18 highland notes, 3 x 3-inches, yellow, 18-pads/pack
3m plastic emblem and trim adhesive, 03601, 1 fl oz
3m scratch removal system, 39071
3m 26334 crl 3/4″ x 55m automotive performance paint 233+ masking tape, green
3m adhesive remover, helps remove tar, attachment tape & bumper sticker adhesive, 12 oz., 1 aerosol
3m 9560 dual angled sanding sponge, 100 grit, gold
3m low range oil quality test strips 1005, 4 bottles of 40 strips
3m p95 respirator, half face, disposable, 53p71, large size, protection against organic vapors and particulates
3m perfect-it wool compounding pad, 05753, 9 in, fast cutting, polishing pad for automotives
3m conditioning brush, 05761 , red
3m 39015 cloth

3M 39015 Cloth

bondo fiberglass resin repair kit, 00420, 0.45 pint
command wire adhesive hook
bondo liquid hardener, 00912, .37 oz
3m perfect-it ultrafine machine polish, 06068, 32 fl.oz, paint polish, automotive professional-grade polish
dynatron 3 pack spreaders, 358
3m yellow super weatherstrip and gasket adhesive, 08002, 2 fl oz
3m 33280 wool compounding pad double-sided 9 inches
3m tack cloth, 03192, 17 in x 36 in
3m 05703 superbuff buffing pad, double sided, 9 inch , white
dust control spray gal
3m 6020 6-pk detailing cloth perfect-it iii auto detailing cloth44; light blue44; 12 in. x 14 in. 6 cloths per pack
ultra pro beige seam sealer (3m-8364)
3m 5530 bx-5 stikit hand pads stikit soft hand pad 0553044; 5 pads-box
3m (mmm5575) disc pad stikit 5in
3m reusable full face mask respirator 6900
3m imperial hand glaze, 32 oz bottle
body filler w hardener, paste, 1 qt, gray
3m polishing pad 05705
3m universal adhesive clear – 3, 08217, 200 ml cartridge
3m 71601 hardware, one size, factory
3m fast cure auto glass urethane, 08690, 10.5 fl oz cartridge , white
3m half facepiece disposable respirator assembly 51p71, organic vapor, p95, small
3m wool polishing pad (05713) – for boats, cars, trucks and rvs – single-sided – 9 inches , yellow
3m buff pad adaptors, 05710, 5/8 in
3m 05738 foam polishing pad – 8″, 2500 max rpm
buffing pad,3 in.
3m 14736u finesse-it roloc finishing disc pad, 3″ , yellow
3m marine 09004 tan rubbing compound (16.9 fl oz/500 ml)
3m marine adhesive sealant fast cure 5200 (06520) permanent bonding and sealing for boats and rvs above and below the waterline waterproof repair, white, 10 fl oz cartridge
3m nitrile high performance rubber and gasket adhesive 847, brown
3m bondo spreaders
3m marine adhesive sealant 5200 fast cure white, 06520
3m super red putty, 05099, 14.5 oz
3m acryl putty, 05095, white, 14.5 oz
3m 7500 series reusable respirator with cool flow exhalation valve (large)
3m glass cleaner – multi surface use, auto & home 2 pack – 19oz aerosol 08888
bondo all-purpose white cream hardener, designed for interior & exterior home use, 2.75 ounces
3m : scotch command removable adhesive utility hook, 5-lb capacity, plastic, white -:- sold as 2 packs of – 1 – / – total of 2 each
3m disposable paper mixing board 20382, non porous, solvent resistant, non soak, large sheet, 10 in x 13 in, 100 sheets/board
3m (mmm7494) scotch brite surface conditioning disc pad
3m 05928 finesse-it ii machine polish 1 quart
command 17067es hooks w/ adhesive strips,small wire,holds 1/2 lb.,3/pk,we
command strips 17002 small hooks with command adhesive
dynatron 592 putty-cote – 1 quart
3m black super weatherstrip and gasket adhesive, auto trim adhesive, black, 5 fl oz
3m super duty rubbing compound, 1 gallon
3m premium liquid wax, 06005, 1 qt (32 fl oz/46 ml)
3m 6200 half facepiece resusable respirator, medium, gray